Call of Congress

Welcome to IGATE'19.

International Congress on Gifted and Talented Education (IGATE’19) will be held on 1-3 November 2019 at Inonu University Turgut Ozal Congress and Culture Center. Inonu University, one of Turkey's respected and well-established universities, has hosted many national and international academic events such as congresses, conferences and syposiums. In addition to topics such as the identification, assessment and evaluation of gifted students, gifted’s cognitive, affective and behavioural characteristics, curriculums and education policies towards gifted education, the "Learning Disabilities" theme has been added to this year. We invite academicians, researchers, educators and others from all over the world interested in the fields such as identification, assesment and evaluation of gifted students, gifted’s cognitive, affective and behavioural characteristics, curriculums and education policies towards gifted education.

We are looking forward to seeing you again in our congress which will be held in 2019 for the second time.

Keynote Speakers

Scope of the International Congress on Gifted and Talented Education'19 (IGATE'19) includes following topics:

  • Gifted Students
    • Identification, Assesment and Evaluation of Giftedness
    • Cognitive, Affective and Behavioural Characteristic of Gifted
    • Special Needs of Gifted Students
    • Parenting and Families of Gifted Students

  • Gifted Education
    • Curriculum Development for Gifted Education
    • Education Policy and Management
    • Science and Art Centers
    • Education in Spesific Domains (Science, Mathematic, Art, Social Science, Language, etc.)
    • Teacher Training for Gifted Education
    • Technology for Gifted Education
    • STEAM Education for Gifted and Talented
    • Trends in Gifted and Talented Education

  • Intelligence and Talent
    • Theories of Intelligence
    • Metacognitive Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Innovation
    • Inquiry Based Thinking
    • Academic Achievement and Ability

  • Learning Disabilities
    • Dyslexia
    • Dysgraphia
    • Dyscalculia
    • Aphasia
    • Twice Exceptional Children
Important Dates

Beginning of Abstract Submission 17 July 2019
Deadline for Abstract Submission 20 October 2019
Deadline for Notification of Accepted Submissions 22 October 2019
Beginning and Deadline of Registration 17 July - 25 October 2019
Announcement of Congress Program 25 October 2019
Deadline for Accepted Full Paper File Upload (must be in congress full paper template)18 November 2019
Note: Deadline for uploading accepted abstract papers to system is 25th of October. Click for abstract template.

Registration Fee
Registration Fee
Academicians (Prof., Assoc. Prof. & Asst. Prof.) 100 €
Research Assistant, Lecturer, Teacher, Graduate Student 80 €
Undergraduate Student 40 €
Audience (without submission) 40 €
Workshop (In addition to registration fee, fee of each workshop) 30 €
Additional fee for 3rd and more submissions 40 €
Online Presentation 60 €

Publications of the Studies

Full text papers will be published in the following journals after review process of journals. Full text papers should be arranged according to the journals’ templates and submitted to the journals website.

Gifted Education International:
Inonu University Journal of the Faculty of Education (INUJFE):
International Journal of Academic Research in Education (IJARE):